Why Electric Cars Are Taking Over

by | Nov 9, 2022

If you do not drive one, you most certainly know of someone who does. If not, then you have definitely seen them out and about on the roads. The truth is, electric cars are changing the face of motoring one step at a time with the introduction of newer and more advanced models on a daily basis.


We are in the middle of the biggest revolution in motoring since Henry Ford’s first production line started turning back in 1913, especially with the government’s ban on new petrol and diesel cars, which was originally planned for 2040, brought forward to 2030.

Whether we like it or not, by 2035, all new cars and vans will have to have zero emissions at the tail pipe. Many industry observers believe we have already passed the tipping point where sales of electric vehicles (EVs) will very rapidly overwhelm petrol and diesel cars.

Electric car sales increased by 186% in 2020 and EVs enjoyed another record year in 2021 with more than one in ten new vehicles being electric. More battery electric vehicles (BEV) were sold in 2021 than the previous five years combined (2016-2020), with 190,727 registrations (11.6% of all new car sales). There were also 40,228 second-hand electric cars sold too.

Today there are an estimated 477,000 electric cars on the road in the UK and more than 790,000 plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), with many car companies looking to only produce electric vehicles moving forward. Jaguar plans to sell only electric cars from 2025, Volvo from 2030 and the British sportscar company Lotus said it would follow suit, selling only electric models from 2028.

Ford says all vehicles sold in Europe will be electric by 2030 and VW says 70% of its sales will be electric by 2030, going to show that the world of electric vehicles is not just a faze in the motoring world. The revolution is very similar to that of the internet. Back in the 90s, there was a big buzz about this new thing with computers talking to each other, but not everyone believed in the process, nor did everyone take to it. Now, everyone is on the internet in some form or another. From mobile phones to WiFi systems and desktop appliances, every household in the UK uses the internet.

Many experts predict the same will happen in the world of motoring come the year 2040.

By 2025 20% of all new cars sold globally will be electric, according to the latest forecast by the investment bank UBS. That will leap to 40% by 2030, and by 2040 virtually every new car sold globally will be electric, says UBS.

Electric cars are already becoming increasingly popular, it is just a matter of time before we start to see them flood the roads, or before you own one yourself if you don’t already! With a steep rise in the purchase of new electric cars, the UK is certainly on its way to becoming fully electric in the future, ultimately protecting the planet and running costs at the same time.

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