What are PIR Controls?

by | Nov 20, 2018

I think that acronyms are the curse of the 21st century but they certainly have their uses. For instance, who wants to say passive infra-red when you can say PIR instead?

But what actually are PIR controls?

Simply put, PIR switches provide automatic control of a variety of systems of heating, lighting, air conditioning or ventilation. These PIR switches will automatically detect movement and turn on the specified system when an area, such as a room, is occupied and then turn it off again when it is vacated after a specified duration.

Not only does this provide automatic control but it also saves energy thus saving you money by reducing energy bills.

There are numerous places where these systems can be used. In multiple occupancy buildings, such as apartment blocks or offices, they can control the lighting to common areas including corridors, stairways and lift lobbies. In commercial buildings they can control the flow and temperature of air conditioning and cooling or heating systems.

They can also be used to activate various alarm systems and so have numerous applications for security purposes.

At a domestic level, they can be used in conjunction with burglar alarm systems and to control external or garden lighting.

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