New LED Lights for Perry & Bishop

by | Apr 16, 2019

I was talking last month about the cost effectiveness of LED lighting. This month I can show you it in action.

We were pleased to be asked to install new LED lighting at the Stroud and Nailsworth offices of leading Estate Agents Perry, Bishop & Chambers recently.

It was important for the client to maintain the traditional look and feel of the offices while incorporating the modernity of the new lights.

We also completed the data install to both premises from the comma cabinets to the patch panels and the cabling to the final points in the offices.

We are currently working to rewire at their Farringdon office in Oxfordshire. The challenge there is to carry out the work causing minimum disruption while the office is open and functioning normally. It is a challenge the team seem to be meeting admirably.

As you can see, in the Stroud and Nailsworth offices we have helped to shed new light on the properties available!