MeKo are Nest Pro Installers!

by | Jan 14, 2020

I am delighted to confirm that MeKo are fully qualified Nest Pro installers!

As you may know, Nest Pro is dedicated to making smart homes even smarter with their range of fantastic products. They are easy to use, energy saving and enable you to control appliances in your home from anywhere you happen to be.

As we have the valued status of Nest Pro installers, we can now offer to install the following products for you:

• Nest Thermostats
• Nest Hello Doorbell
• Nest Protect Smoke Detectors
• Nest Cameras

In fact, we like the Nest Thermostats so much that we have installed them in our own homes. That’s a vote of confidence if ever I heard one!

Give me a call on 01453 764531 and I’ll tell you how Nest Pro devices can improve your home-life experience.