Keeping Safe In The Bathroom: Key Do’s and Don’ts

by | Aug 13, 2022

It is a well-known fact that water is an efficient carrier of electricity, but, as I’m sure you know, if the two mix, the results can be disastrous, especailly in rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen or even the garden!

The bathroom is therefore known as the most dangerous room in the house with regards to electrical safety, hence why there are no plugs in your bathroom bar shaving plugs. There is also the added peril that skin wet from the shower, bath or basin reduces a body’s resistance, making an electrical shock all the more likely.

Especially those with younger children, you need to take extra care of protecting them from the dangers that water and electricity can cause. It is very important to ensure that all parts of a bathroom are safe before allowing children to enter them. This includes doors, windows, taps, showers, cabinets and toilet flushes.

Here is our advice to help you and your loved ones stay safe in the bathroom:

  • Electrical sockets are not allowed to be in a bathroom or shower room unless they are at least three metres from the bath or shower. Electric shaver points must be a safe distance from a bath or shower to avoid splashing. You can even purchase covers to keep these special sockets protected.
  • All light fittings that are not enclosed should be out of reach of someone using, or still wet from using, a bath or shower. Ordinary wall switches are a danger due to wet hands and general dampness. A ceiling-mounted pull cord is the best option.
  • Central heating is the best method of heating a bathroom or shower room. Any electric heater must be fitted at a safe distance from the bath or shower. Ideally, they should be controlled by a switch or pull cord located outside the room.
  • An electric shower should be powered by its own circuit directly from the fuse box.
  • Mains powered portable appliances such as hairdryers, heaters or radios should not be taken into a bathroom or shower room.
  • Avoid water accumulation on the floor: A clean and safe bathroom has a dry floor. Do not let water accumulate on the floor. Be sure to mop it every after use. This may cause slips and falls or worse, even electrocution.
  • You have to remember that water is a conductor. So, avoid electrocution by putting your curling iron, electric razor and hair dryer away from the water. You can also use some waterproof stuffs to protect these items or just place them on a dry area. Allocate a floating shelf or cabinet for these things and be sure it is placed away from the water.
  • Have a well-lit bathroom: Accidents happen in the dark. One can slip, fall and trip easily when it is dark. So, be sure that your bathroom is well-lighted. Get a light that could illuminate the entire bathroom. There are options for mirrors, LED strips or hanging lights that we can install for you.
  • Install ground-fault electrical outlets: Having a ground-fault electrical outlet can prevent electrocution as the circuit will trip once there is a short. Be sure that you consult your electrician for this and do not install it on your own if you do not have appropriate knowledge about it as it might cause more problems.

Here at MeKo, we have provided solutions for bathrooms in and around Gloucestershire for 10+ years, making them a safer environment for hundreds of families.

Make sure you contact us if you are in need of lighting solutions to make the room clearer and more aesthetically pleasing, or if you are looking to implement these ground-fault electrical outlets.