How Lighting Can Transform Your Home

by | Feb 24, 2021

When it comes to changing the look of their home, people typically opt for a new colour scheme, maybe wood flooring or swapping the wall art. Lighting is usually overlooked.

Lighting fixtures are required in every room of the house. They are often viewed as something that is entirely for function, however, choosing the right lighting in the right places can truly transform your home.

The first thing to consider is where you require the most lighting. In the kitchen this would be places where you will be cooking and possibly eating. One important factor that is often forgotten is lighting in your home for the evening and late at night. Particularly in the kitchen.

During the afternoons and early evenings when you’re cooking, a bright light is essential to see what you’re doing but when you head into the kitchen for an evening snack, being greeted by bright glaring lights is less than pleasing.

So, think about the practicality of each room and the time of day, when planning out the lighting.

The other important point to think about when choosing the lighting for your home, aesthetics. Lighting can have your home go from dull and boring to really giving it the wow factor.


  • LED lights under kitchen cabinets
  • Lights for walkways (indoors and outdoors)
  • Feature wall lighting for wall art
  • Hidden lighting

The fixtures you choose for your lighting also plays a huge part in the aesthetic of your home. Think carefully about whether you want them to blend into the surroundings (possibly in kitchens and smaller rooms) or if you want them to be a key feature of that room (think living room, dining room, large hallways).

When planning the lighting of your home it’s important to discuss this with your electrician. They can help guide and advise you on choosing the right locations and placing sockets and switches in all the right places. The last thing you want is ugly cables all over your house!

That’s why even though lamps serve a great purpose, they are also highly impractical. They use up surface space, if you change your colour scheme they may need replacing and they have cables! Opting for wall lighting and dimmers can remove all of these headaches.

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