Electrical Problems You May Face This Winter

by | Dec 8, 2022

While the winter brings much cold weather, it also brings the potential for problems to arise for electric and appliances around the home or on your property.


When maintaining your home, one of the main areas to monitor is the electrical system you have. Noticing issues before they become a problem can help prevent costly repairs and uncomfortable conditions, especially with the MET office issuing weather warnings across the country this week.

Often accompanied by cold and precipitous conditions, there are several common issues that can occur during the winter which has your electric in mind. Here are some of the common electrical problems and how you can prepare your home in advance for the upcoming winter months.


Tripping Circuit Breakers

The winter season can be a demanding time of year for your electrical panel, especially with the use of heating systems and portable heaters being very popular in larger homes that struggle to heat certain rooms in the house.

With a large emphasis on these kinds of devices, there is a strain on your system. Breaker trips and issues such as flickering lights are fairly common during this time of year, but they should not be ignored! Ignoring the problem and pushing it to the side is the first step of endangering yourself.

Many electricians will advise you to upgrade your home’s electrical system and experience the advantages of having a stronger current of electricity. Here at MeKo, we undertake these checks on properties on a regular basis, altering many homes and businesses surrounding common problems including power outages and circuit breaks.


Out of Date Equipment

Many of us will have portable heaters that are years old that have locked away in storage or in the shed for years. Old equipment can be problematic for your electrical system during the winter season for this exact reason. Dated space heaters, electric blankets, etc. are often incompatible with modern homes or they have been left for so long that they have been intruded by dust, rust, or mould.

This not only increases your chances of potentially causing an electrical fire, but any older equipment or appliances present in your home must be checked regularly, especially if you are turning it on for the first time since last winter or previous winters gone by. Often used as a general guideline, if a heating appliance is older than five years, it is outdated and may need to be replaced.


Heating Systems

Whilst on the topic of space heaters, these are the cause of many electrical problems leading to house fires in the UK in these winter months. Useful when trying to beat the cold, space heaters must be plugged into a dedicated outlet and they should be unplugged when not in use. Using these types of appliances on extension leads is a recipe for disaster. Too much heat can cause your electrical system to blow. If used correctly, space heaters can keep your home warm without over-consuming power or overheating, so be aware of both their advantages and disadvantages.

Often accompanied by this cold weather, winter is a rough season for many homes, especially larger ones within areas of Gloucestershire. We understand the need to stay warm, but you must be careful not to overheat electrical systems or tackle tripping circuit breakers yourself.

We are here to help with your electrical needs this winter, ensuring you can maintain a comfortable home throughout the winter season by avoiding common electrical issues. If you have an electrical system that needs checking or appliances you haven’t switched on in years, we are on hand to help. Make sure you contact us for your free quote today.