7 Signs that Your House may Need Rewiring

by | May 17, 2019

If you live in an older style house, there are often obvious signs when things need to be renewed.

The paintwork looks tired, glass panes are cracked or the driveway is worn.

Electrics can be a different matter as the signs may not be quite so obvious. It is estimated that some 51,000 fires a year are the result of an electrical fault.

Here are 7 signs to look out for to check if your electrics need to be rewired.

1. Smell of burning. If you can smell burning and are unable to locate the source it is probably an electrical fault. You should turn off the power immediately and contact an electrician to investigate.
2. Switches are discoloured. If outlets or switches are discoloured then this is a sign that there is either a loose connection or the wiring is faulty. Once again, contact an electrician to take a look.
3. Lights are flickering. This may simply be the lightbulb failing or needing to be screwed in more firmly. If it persists, though, it is likely to be faulty wiring.
4. Tripping circuit breakers and blown fuses. Circuit breakers are designed to be a safety measure preventing electrical fires. They will cut the electrical flow when a circuit can no longer handle the number of amps. If your wiring is old and worn frequent breaks and blown fuses may result. Call an electrician if this keeps occurring.
5. Problems with sockets. Over time it is not unusual for sockets to wriggle loose or even fall off the wall. This can lead to dangerous exposed wiring. The sockets should be tightly screwed back or even replaced.
6. Aluminium wiring. It is recognised that aluminium wire connections are more likely to fail than copper ones, possibly leading to overheating and electrical fires. The letters ‘AL’ on the jacket of the wiring indicates it is made of aluminium.
7. Electrical shocks. Even a slight shock is a clear indication that something is wrong with the wiring. Do not continue to use the outlet or socket and contact an electrician as soon as possible.

Any of these 7 signs may indicate that your house needs rewiring. To avoid violating any electrical codes and risk to yourself or others, contact a professional electrician to investigate for you.

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