5 Signs that your Office Space Needs Some Electrical Work

by | Apr 14, 2021

As an office manager or business owner, you know how important the health and safety of your office space is.

While you may think that it would be easy to spot electrical faults or hazards, that isn’t always the case.

Which is why we have put together this list of how you may identify potential electrical issues before needing to consult a professional electrician.

That said, we would always recommend for commercial properties that regular electrical maintenance is carried out, as a more preventative course of action.


Sparks are Flying

If you or a member of your team have noticed sparks when plugging or unplugging electrical items, this is a sign you need a qualified electrician to do a safety check.

There may be a simple explanation, with no serious underlying ramifications. However, it is important to get this checked as soon as possible.

We would also advise that you turn off the power at the source until an electrician is able to attend the site.


Strange Odours

Another thing to ‘smell’ out for is any unusual odours coming from electrical appliances or outlets.

This also includes any burning smells. In the event of either of these you should call an electrician immediately and turn off the power at the source.


Flickering Office Lights

Often flickering office lights are dismissed as a minor nuisance, rather than being considered as a serious issue.

However, the flickering is more likely to be caused by something running on the same circuit as the lights.

It’s important in this instance to contact an electrician to help identify if it’s simply a dodgy lightbulb, too many devices on the same circuit or something more serious. This could be that the circuit wires are outdated and need replacing or that there is a problem with the cable connections.

This maintenance work will need to be carried out straight away.


Buzzing Sounds

While it is normal to hear a small amount of sound from electrical items, especially phones or computers. Ideally this should barely be heard in a noisy office environment.

When you can hear a louder buzzing sound this could be due to lose connections or a frayed wired. You should investigate this as soon as possible.


Older Buildings

You are probably already aware, but if you have an office based in an older building, it is important to schedule regular electrical maintenance.

This will allow a qualified electrician to carry out checks and assessments of all the electrical devices and wiring in the building.

It will also reduce the impact of larger costs as minor fixes and repairs can be made along the way rather than all at once.


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